Energy Healing

Energy Healing sessions on Kauai by Scott Silverston

Energy Healing Removes Blockages to your Natural Health & Vitality

“Thank you Scott for the incredible healing you gave to me on the Isle of Kauai.

You immediately sourced the centre of my health problem and concentrated all your energies on it until I actually felt the “shift”.

This shift after one session helped enable me to go from extreme pain when walking to be able to climb in the Waimea Canyon for a day without pain on the day or any days after.

You also gave me tools from Spirit to continue the healing back home - all of which I am extremely grateful for.

Your professional and caring nature and energies gave me my life energy back for which I am forever grateful - you gave 100% and got results - thank you Scott.”
— Diane H. * Brisbane, Australia

I use a combination of healing techniques including energy healing + shamanic healing practices to achieve results that are profound and help you to heal in a uniquely transformational way

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